Middle School

Growing in confidence and independence, our students develop life skills for success.

Students follow the Cambridge Secondary 1 curricula for English, Mathematics and Science. Progress in these core subjects is assessed throughout, as they work towards the Cambridge Checkpoint examinations.

The exams help drive motivation while the feedback reports enable students to take stock of their performance under external exam conditions.

These formative years pave the way for the IGCSEs, with our students studying a range of subjects including Geography, History, Information and Communication Technology, Dutch, French and Art & Design

Our Global Perspectives course offers a fascinating take on world events and the difficult questions raised by ethics, politics and social policy.

As students progress to adolescence, we support them with our Personal and Social Education programme. Each student benefits from the guidance of a personal tutor, their own study objectives and a growing sense of confidence as they look to the future.

Learning continues outside the classroom with frequent field trips, Physical Education, outdoor education camps and a ski week.

We also offer a varied co-curricular programme.

Innovative learning


Novel learning techniques

Tired of number crunching behind a desk? Not here, where dynamic students solve questions on their feet


Animated about art

Students create their very own stop motion animation. Together they designed the artwork, painstakingly arranged the scenery and captured the whole process on iPad.


Ciao from Italy!

Students prepared for their trip with a crash course in Italian.


Responsive learning

The sun’s rays worked their magic with our pinhole projectors made specially by students to view the solar eclipse.