Peace from a different angle

Date : 23.11.18

For the past two years, DYP International School has collaborated with the Internationale Deutsche Schule Brüssel on an extensive project on peace, involving the English, History, Theory of Knowledge, and Art subject areas.

As a culminating event, on November 13th, we met again to discuss peace but this time from a different angle.

Sutong Hao, a doctoral research student at the Sinology Department of the KU Leuven, gave a wonderful talk about the Chinese character sign for “peace,’ tracing its history in Chinese historical documents as well as its cross cultural confrontation with the English word, “peace,” and their mutual translatability and untranslatability.

Students had the opportunity to ask questions and we had a wonderful discussion of words, definitions, colors and universal peace signs.

We sealed the day with a lunch and exchanges of Facebook details, phone numbers; friendships were made, and this is always one sure step towards safeguarding peace.