Primary School

Students follow the Cambridge Primary curricula for English and Mathematics, which offer a strong foundation for learning and an internationally recognized benchmark for measuring students’ progress.

Science, history, geography, information & communications technology and the Arts are introduced through the International Primary Curriculum

These subjects are woven into the core topics, so students learn to apply their knowledge across different disciplines

To help our children get the most out of life in Belgium, they begin formal Dutch lessons from Class 1 and French from Class 4

Our students learn to express themselves through music, while developing a healthy outlook on life through our Personal and Social Education, Physical Education and swimming classes.
We also offer a varied Co-curricular programme.

Our students forge links with peers in Belgium and around the world. They learn together, swap ideas and work on joint projects, using video conferencing, letter exchanges and classroom swaps to connect.

Innovative learning


Practical learning

Students show how accurately they can measure ingredients in a cookery exercise with a mathematical twist


Stage presence

Our playwrights and poets dressed in character to perform from their own scripts on friendship


Hunting for clues

Students investigate a mock ‘crime scene’ in a forensics workshop designed to whet their appetite for science


Rising to the challenge

Students scale a climbing wall during our outdoor recreational camp where everyone is encouraged to try something new