Senior School

Preparations for their milestone examinations begin in earnest as students prepare for life after school.

We help pave the way, giving students the confidence to make big decisions about their futures.

Students work towards their International General Certificate of Secondary Education for the first two years of Senior School. They sit a broad range of subjects, learning to think creatively and critically while refining their problem-solving skills.

Here students sit the Cambridge examinations, which are widely recognized by universities and employers.

For the final two years of school, students follow the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

It is universally recognized for excellence and strikes the right balance between content, independent study and assessment

IB students study six subjects alongside these three components

Extended Essay

Ideal preparation for university with this 4,000-word, independently researched essay.

Theory Of Knowledge

A course for critical thinkers, examining how we know what we claim to know.

Creative, Action, Service

Learning through direct experiences with a range of projects and activities.

Innovative learning


Journeying into the unknown

Students relived 50 years of space exploration at a recent NASA expo, spanning the infamous space race to today’s story of international collaboration.


Learning by design

While visiting our Center for Automotive Research and Studies in Pune, students toured the computer modelling room and workshops where the designs take shape.


Nanoscale science

Our students magnified a mosquito in unimaginable detail with the help of an electron microscope at the University of Antwerp.


Business in action

Students receive a valuable lesson from the factory floor when they toured the Audi plant to observe the manufacturing process in action.