We encourage our youngest children to think things through, make reasoned decisions and learn to solve problems.

We develop literacy and numeracy through the Early Years International Primary Curriculum before moving on to the Cambridge Primary syllabuses for Maths and English

Dutch is introduced from the very beginning to make our youngest children feel at home here in Belgium.

We weave physical education, music, art and dance into lessons to give our children a rounded education.

Our children learn about the world in a playful way, learning to respect one another and celebrate our different cultural traditions

Our co-curricular programme helps uncover hidden strengths and is available to our older Preschool children.

Innovative learning


Performing arts

Our children recreate a mouse’s stroll through a deep dark wood in their adaptation of The Gruffalo


Creative learning

Discovering humour in professional storyteller Patrick Ryan’s tale during a workshop where participation was must


Social awareness

Learning to be kind and thoughtful to others by raising money with a charity plant sale


Project work

Business was brisk for our mini entrepreneurs who built and stocked a bakery from scratch